Welcome to Sensibly Me!

What you'll find here are important lessons and life skills that derive from real experiences. Central themes of these lessons include: self-awareness, emotional maturity, and continuous personal development. 

The content of Sensibly Me may take many different forms. You may find stories of ordinary day-to-day life, skills learned from traveling adventures, or lessons embedded in poetry. 

Hi! I'm Jeannie.

I started Sensibly Me to share life’s meaningful messages through my love of writing.


I enjoy learning about people and their behavioral patterns- how they think and how they act- as it has always come natural to me. I also believe that learning about others is directly related to learning more about yourself- and vice versa.

I'd describe myself as introverted, adventurous, and conscientious. But.. thats enough!- because you're bound to learn more about me just by reading my content.  

Anyway, I hope you find something you like here, and please feel free to connect with me on any of my platforms! 

Thanks! 😊